Технология преднапряжённый железобетон

Paul Maschinenfabrik Equipment

for the production of prestressed reinforced concrete

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Hydraulic stations

PAUL mobile hydraulic stations are used to operate such hydraulic equipment as: tensioning jacks, stress relieving cylinders, cutting tools, etc., used in the production of prestressed concrete elements.

Hydraulic stations
Tensioning jacks

Tensioning jacks

Tensioning jacks are used for steel reinforcement, wire and multiple-core steel strands at the concrete products plants and on-site. Jacks are distinct in tension force, power stroke and number of simultaneously tensioned reinforcement bars

Anchor grips

PAUL manufactures a wide range of anchor grips for anchoring or jointing of different types of reinforcement, wire or multiple-core steel strands. Structurally, PAUL anchor grips consist of cases and clamping wedges. According to the design of the case, there are three types of grips:

Open type. “A”-type Anchor grip
— Enclosed type. “F”-type Anchor grip
— “K”-type Coupling

Anchor grips

Prestressed reinforced concrete technology

Prestressed reinforced concrete technology is a construction material that is widely used in the world (in recent decades it has been used in Ukraine and other CIS countries). Special reinforcement technology is used to produce such concrete, using the inability of the concrete to withstand high tension stresses. This makes it possible to increase the durability and fatigue life of the finished product

Structures made in this way are much less bent and much less prone to cracks (2 - 3 times higher compared to concrete products without prestressing). Furthermore, they are characterized by uniform strength, which makes it possible to cover large spans. Prestressed reinforced concrete makes it possible to reduce the consumption of reinforcing material by 50%.

What is the prestressed reinforced concrete technology?

A special feature of the manufacturing process of prestressed reinforced concrete products is the preliminary laying of reinforcement for tension. The wire or strands are tightened with a special device and then a concrete mixture is laid on them. After the concrete has set, the reinforcement is released and tension force shifts to the concrete mixture in such a way that it compresses and preserves the state.

The generation of tension force enables the manufacturer of reinforced concrete products to completely or to a certain extent avoid tension stresses under load during operation.

Depending on the equipment at the plant, the reinforcing material can be tightened in different ways:

  • mechanical (using jacks);
  • electrochemical (using current that heats the reinforcement causing it to stretch to the specified level);
  • electro-thermomechanical (combined method).

Advantages of prestressed reinforced concrete technology

This prestressed reinforced concrete technology is widely implemented worldwide, as it gives the constructor many advantages:

  1. Pre-stressed structures are much cheaper than other construction materials that can withstand similar loads and operation conditions.
  2. Increased hardness and cracking resistance make them more resistant to high regular loads.
  3. Properly designed structures and buildings made of this material are safer and more reliable in operation, especially in areas with high seismic activity.
  4. This technology makes it possible to reduce the total weight of the building by 40%, which means that the material consumption for the building is reduced (up to 27%).
  5. In economic terms, projects using prestressed reinforced concrete are highly profitable (profit from their implementation is 35% more compared to projects with traditional construction methods).
  6. This applies to both unlimited interior space planning (the architect can do whatever is necessary to arrange internal partitions and walls), and building construction in different architectural styles, as the designer can vary the contours of the building horizontally.

Prestressed reinforced concrete technology is now widely used for the construction of buildings for various purposes: housing, offices, industrial facilities, storage spaces, marketplaces. All necessary equipment for the implementation of this technology you can order from the Finnish manufacturer on the web-site https://tdmextruder.com.

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