for the production of hollow core slabs

Оборудование для производства ЖБИ плит
Hollow core slab extruder consists of a power unit, hopper and compaction module.The extruder has been designed for the production of slabs of various sections height from 120 to 600 mm. For industrial lane with a width of 1200mm (it is possible to produce slabs for industrial lanes with a width of 1500 mm and 2400 mm).

It is easy to adjust height for casting over the insulating lay, as well as to make adjustments for different fire resistance classes. There is a platform for easy passage over the slab. There is easy access to the hopper. This extruder is notable for high reliability, ease of operation and ease of maintenance.

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Extruder Models


S series TDM extruder is the most powerful top-of-the-line extruder equipped with an advanced touch screen user interface and machine learning functions, which is made using the modular approach with separate screw drives and the method of reciprocating compaction, the intensity of which is automatically adjusted according to the properties of the concrete.


N series TDM extruder is a powerful machine designed on the basis of the modular approach with separate screw drives and the method of reciprocating compaction, the intensity of which is regulated according to the properties of the concrete.


L series TDM extruder is a unique machine in the segment of flexible and cost-effective production of hollow core slabs for floors and for walls (partition-walls).
Standard width of product (mm) 1200, 1500, 2400 1200, 1500, 2400 1200
Minimum product height (mm) 120 120 80
Maximum product height (mm) 600 500 220
Maximum product molding speed (rm/min) 3,0 2,2 1,8
Touch screen control system monitor 11"Color 8"Color 8"Monohrom

How the extruder works

The operation of this machine is quite simple. The extruder runs the concrete through the compacting group using screws under the super-high pressure. As a result, the concrete is compacted and laid out on the molding lane in the required shape.

Maximum speed: 1.4 – 3.5 m / min depending on the type of slab and the concrete used.
Hopper capacity: Standard 1.5 m3, may be expanded to 3.0 m3
Power supply: 3P + PE 400 V 50/60 Hz

Работа экструдера

Extruder advantages

TDM extruder has a number of positive characteristics. TDM hollow core slab extruder enables fast, efficient and uninterrupted production.

Soft dynamic drive system due to a combination of power units, drives and controls

Absolute ease of the equipment maintenance, cleaning and washing

New concrete compaction system, which increased the degree of compaction with reduced wear

New patented innovation in the shape of screws

Individually adjustable speed of individual screws

Ease of setting up and running, single extruder start button

Simple and reliable strand guiding system with absolute position

Absolute control over compaction process and concrete running

Easy access for maintenance and operation

Extruder products and capabilities

Hollow core slabs extruder

UniMould Platform extruder is the up-to-date highly sophisticated model with extended functionality and good operational characteristics.

Hollow core slabs extruder is made using the original and unique modular framework. It makes it possible to produce both standard products for this type of machine, such as hollow core slabs, and other products: thin solid floor slabs, piles, beams, supporting structures, arches, etc.

The extrusive production method got its name from the name of the machine, without which its implementation is impossible. We're talking about the hollow core slabs extruder. Today they are widely used in Finland, England, Italy, Asia and the CIS. One of the leading extruder manufacturers in the world is the Finnish company TDM Engineering Oy, whose products can be bought in Finland, Russia, the Middle East, Ukraine, the European Union countries and others.

The compacting group is made using the rigid frame with 4 wheels. Is supports 2 – 8 power units that work independently of each other, and electronically controlled transmission. The compacting group consists of power units, rotating screws, bushes.

The hopper of this hollow core slab extruder is mounted on the frame and has a capacity of 1.5 m3 (it is also possible to mount the customized hopper with a different capacity up to 3.0 m3). The hopper meets the safety standards, it can stand on the floor while the machine is being serviced. The front part is made so that all working assemblies of the extruder are hermetically sealed from above.

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