Wire and steel strands tensioning jack PAUL

Домкрат для натяжения проволоки, Wire tension jack

Tensioning jacks are used for steel reinforcement, wire and multiple-core steel strands at the concrete products plants and on-site. Jacks are distinct in tension force, power stroke and number of simultaneously tensioned reinforcement bars.

All tensioning jack models are also suitable for pre-tensioning of the precast reinforced concrete production plants.

Lifting jacks are mainly used with NG50 hydraulic stations or NG15 mini-pumps, with manual or electrical controls.

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Jack Models


Reliable PAUL mini-jacks are designed to meet any prestressing requirements - from the smallest molded concrete units to the largest beam. They are fast and easy to use, and can be powered by any pump.
Wire tension jack


These well-reputed jacks are mainly used in the production of prefabricated prestressed concrete elements.
Wire tension jack


These well-reputed jacks are mainly used in the production of prefabricated prestressed concrete elements. They are reliable, elegant, lightweight and equipped with a hydraulic wedge fixed stop for anchoring prestressed steel without loss on tempering.
Wire tension jack


TENSA SM 240 kN tensioning jacks are mainly used on construction sites for tensioning steel ropes in single-strand anchors and for separate tension of strands of multi-strand anchors.


Since the late 1950s, one type of tensioning jack has prevailed as the leader at the single-wire or multi-wire tensioning market: four-hose tensioning jack, which PAUL Company first developed and delivered. By pressing the button, the operator can activate all four functions directly from the tensioning jack: capture, tension, lock and retraction.


Hydraulic cylinders for the transmission of prestressing force (stress relieving) during the production of prestressed concrete.

How does a jack work?

Pre-stressed steel is gripped by an internal spring clip. Some designs are suitable for different applications.

Tensioning jacks are mainly used on construction sites for single-strand anchors tensioning and separate tension of the bars of multi-core strings. In relation to the latter, special tension heads and mounting plates can be used to activate the tensioning jack in close-spaced strands.

jack work

Wire and steel strands tensioning jacks: high quality, reasonable price

Floor slabs, as well as other concrete products, which are made by the method of off-formwork production, must be reinforced.

Wire, steel ropes or other reinforcing materials make the concrete stronger, extend the life of the product and make it more resistant to external influences.

Special equipment such as Wire and steel strands tensioning jack is required to ensure high quality and accuracy of the slabs reinforcement.

TDM Company offers efficient, state-of-the-art jacks that are easy to operate and meet the highest production standards.

Operation of the wire and steel strands tensioning jack

The jack is used to tension the reinforcing material. It shall be attached to a wire or rope, then it shall tense and fixe it with anchors. These seemingly simple actions are of great importance for the quality and further operation of reinforced concrete products. Stiffness, crack resistance and, as a result, durability depends on how correctly and accurately the process will be carried out.

Reinforcement tensioning jacks:

  • Rod jack for reinforcement or ropes;
  • Single wire and group tension jacks.

Also, hydraulic jacks are used to push through the reinforcement.

What are the advantages of using a good jack? So, there are plenty of them:

  • jack ensures that the result matches the specified parameters;
  • fast operation;
  • high performance;
  • wire rods get uniform tension over the entire surface;
  • price is quite consistent with its advantages.

Wire tensioning jacks are distinguished by many characteristics:

  • intended use;
  • mode of transportation;
  • attachment and fixing type.

It is important to choose a suitable device that fulfills all tasks and also fits technical specifications.

PAUL hydraulic jack: multi-functionality and high performance

TDM-Engineering Oy Company offers hydraulic jacks for reinforcement material tensioning. It can operate with both wire and steel ropes with a thickness of 2 to 16 mm.

This is a two-hose tool that is suitable for solving any problems in the industrial production of prestressed concrete products. It should be noted that it has compact dimensions, thanks to which the device is very easy to use.

PAUL wire and steel strands tensioning jack must be connected to an electro-hydraulic station (automatic or semi-automatic).

Standard models are available in 60 kN, 140 kN or 200 kN capacities and 200 mm or 400 mm cylinder strokes. But it is possible to order custom-built product with other performance characteristics.

You can buy wire and steel strands tensioning jack from TDM at an affordable price. PAUL also offers other equipment necessary for the production of hollow floor slabs and other reinforced concrete products. High quality, guarantee and professional service will make cooperation with TDM profitable and enjoyable for you. Only TDM makes it possible to order the production of equipment and tools according to individual parameters, while their cost will not be too high.

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