Magnetic formwork systems – modular combination for efficient use in construction.

Magnetic formwork systems have proven their effectiveness in rigorous practical tests. It allows flexible, fast and safe use in any area.

Magnetic shuttering systems: types and characteristics.

Why does precast concrete need a magnetic formwork system? To create different forms for the design of the client, change the structural components.
The wide range offers Always available magnetic blocks for clamping, magnetic triangles, magnetic accessories for formwork. There are also magnetic holders for fastening lifting and fixing anchors and slot system.

Magnetic blocks for clamping.

Necessary in the process of preparation and installation of formwork. Presented in the form of magnetic boxes and metal blocks. Used for fixing the formwork and as a support tool. Also indispensable for ceiling and double-walled structures.
Magnetic boxes are lightweight and compact, consists of a steel case and a neodymium magnet. There is a push button for contact with a metal surface.
Metal blocks – the simplest design with a steel case without a button. Attached directly to the metal surface.

Magnetic formwork systems in the form of magnetic triangles (magnetic chamfer).

Steel profiles in the form of a trilateral magnet. The triangular profile is used in different designs. Magnets on 1 or 2 faces along the entire length or only ½ of the surface. We make for the individual order, different width and length.

Slot system.

Used for the formation of grooves, mounting slots.

Casting profiles.

Profiled strip for the formation of grooves and chamfers. Available in steel, plastic and rubber, with or without integrated magnets.

Magnetic accessories.

Huge selection of magnetic walls (dividing walls with built-in magnets) to individual orders. Different levers are widely used to release the magnets with a push button and U-shaped magnets. Magnetic squares are always available. Polyurethane balls are designed for the manufacture of mounting holes in panels, beams or blocks in concrete structures. Subsequently, these holes serve to raise the reinforced concrete block. There are 4 types of different diameter.

Magnetic formwork systems and their function.

The main task is to quickly and steadily fix the slab on the formwork pallets. Chamfer magnet attached to the pallets for the manufacture of grooves in precast concrete panels.
The reinforced concrete industry is looking for ways to make the process economical and efficient. fully meets these needs.


Our product is made of stainless steel or sheet metal, have a different size, weight and adhesion force. We make by the individual order.