Magnet for precast formwork – is a new technology for the production of precast concrete.

In modern combined industry, many innovations have been introduced, such as switchable magnets, improving the ratio of mass and power of magnets. Magnet for precast 
formwork reduces up to 40% of financial costs.

Magnet for precast formwork: advantages

    1. Reducing the complexity and time of installation of formwork.
    2. Universality in use both for single, and for mass production of concrete products.
    3. Does not damage steel pillar
    4. No additional welding of formwork components
    5. Suitable for both manual and automatic manipulation.

Magnet for precast formwork – an innovative solution to streamline the production of precast concrete elements.

Magnet for precast formwork: types and properties.

Magnets provide a huge range of applications for both wooden and steel precast formwork.

Magnetic box with a button.

Solid welded profile with an automatic button, built-in magnet (adhesion force from 450 kg to 3100 kg) and a connection for adding an adapter. Adapters offer unlimited use. Ideal for all formwork options.

Standard magnet.

It is used to stabilize all types of formwork using different types of coupling. Available in series.
Series A – is a soft magnetic material, the maximum temperature is up to 60 degrees, high stability of adhesion and overturning moment, there is a side grip (can be removed). Use for protection against sliding and swimming formwork. Adhesion from 600 kg to 2000 kg.
The P series – is a rare-earth magnet, the temperature is a maximum of 80 degrees, there is a side grip (can be removed), half the weight is less than series 1, but the same adhesion force resistant to deformation, resistant to uneven surfaces due to a modified magnetic field, is multifunctional. Coupling force from 1200 kg to 3000 kg.
The PDA series – is a rare-earth magnet, a maximum temperature of 80 degrees, a front panel unlocking knob (can be removed), an aluminum cap for protection against impacts, thin, no twisting and tilts along the longitudinal axis, the surface is smooth, easy to clean. Coupling force from 1200 kg to 3000 kg.

Magnet for precast formwork with holding force.

Assemble the formwork more efficiently and economically. Using additional elements can reduce the cost of assembly. The basis for the closing magnet.

Magnetic rod.

Magnetic rod for installing transverse and longitudinal louvers during plate production. Sanding side gluing, on request can be chamfered at an angle of 45 degrees, a separate release lever. There are open and with aluminum covers. constantly improves and rationalizes its products to meet common and specific requests. We fulfill your requests economically and quickly