Shuttering magnet systems

Magnetic shuttering systems for horizontal production of concrete products at the precast concrete factories

Shuttering magnet systems

Magnets for fixing threaded sleeves, magnetic holders, anchor plates with a magnetic holder, electrical box magnets

Shuttering magnet systems

Magnetic profiles for formation of chamfers. Profiles of different shapes are made of steel or plastic with built –in magnets

Shuttering magnet systems

Shuttering magnets for production of concrete products in precast concrete plants offer a range of applications perfectly suitable for all kinds of formwork construction, for wood or steel shuttering

Shuttering magnet systems

Shuttering magnet systems is a new stage in the production of the precast concrete structures. These systems are rather simple in use, but, at the same time, they make a production process substantially easier.  Such systems operate in conjunction with shuttering magnets, magnetic formwork, insert magnets, magnetic chamfer. Find below more detailed information about each kind of magnetic equipment.

Shuttering magnets

Shuttering magnets are used to fix a formwork on a steel table. The shuttering magnets differ according to adapter availability, magnetic capacity. Our company is a manufacturer of these products and distributes them all over Europe.

Shuttering systems

Shuttering systems or magnetic formwork is used for the production of the precast concrete structures. The adapters with the shuttering magnets are placed on the points of the magnetic formwork fixation. When concrete is set, a formwork is demoulded by the removal of equipment.  Some shuttering magnet systems are equipped with adaptors for magnetic formwork fixation.  A formwork differs by its stiffness – a flexible shuttering board is used for round parts, a rigid shuttering board is used for standard structures.

Insert magnets

Insert magnets are used to form pinholes and openings in precast concrete structures. For example, standard insert magnets are used to form a window opening. When there is an unusual task is needed to be performed, then the joints of the standard equipment parts are used.  For example, a joint of standard window and door openings are used to form a balcony slab.

Magnetic chamfer

The magnetic chamfer is used to form process hollows and to chamfer. Such chamfer is made of soft magnetic material, and it is placed in process hollows or along the formwork outline to chamfer.

To order shuttering magnet systems

Our company is a manufacturer of these products and distributes them all over Europe. If you decided to update your production process of the precast concrete structures, find our contact information on the contacts page. Our manager will help you to make the right choice according to your requirements.

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