Screws for extruder

Шнеки для экструдера
Шнеки для экструдера
Шнеки для экструдера
Шнеки для экструдера

Screws for floor slab extruder

Extruders for the production of floor slabs consist of several working units and many spare parts. The mechanism includes a concrete receiver, a frame with wheels and a sealing group. This is the main working unit of this machine. The sealing group consists of screws, motors and bushings.

Screws are the main working part of the extruder, with the help of which concrete is supplied and distributed to form hollow core slabs. They continuously process the material, maintaining it to the right condition and delivering it in the right amount under huge pressure on the track.

Augers are a consumable item that must be replaced regularly. TDM Engineering Oy produces not only extruders, but also spare parts for them. You can buy augers of the required type and size from the manufacturer. These are high-quality durable screws that will ensure high quality products and last a long time.

Extruder screws: technical specifications

Like other spare parts, augers have many operating parameters that affect their performance. The main one is the diameter. Depending on it length, productivity, speed of rotation vary. The choice of screws depends on the type of product that is produced and the technological features of production.

Main characteristics of augers:

  • length and diameter;
  • ratio of length and diameter;
  • depth and angle of screw thread;
  • screw pitch;
  • number of installed screws;
  • type of their conjugation;
  • direction of rotation.

Types of screws for floor slab extruder

For the production of different products (floor slabs, beams, piles, etc.), different screws are used. The same applies to reinforced concrete products of the same type, but of different sizes.

Distinguish between right and left augers. In the catalog you can choose augers of different sizes for floor slabs with a width of 1.2 m and 1.5 m. They can also vary in diameter.

The main parameters of the screws depend on the height of the plate to be produced. Standard sizes:

  • 70 – 120 mm;
  • 120 – 220 mm;
  • 200 – 320 mm;
  • 265 – 500 mm;
  • 320 – 600 mm.

The number and diameter of the screws that are installed in the extruder depends on the height and width of the floor slab that you will be producing.

In the catalog of TDM Engineering Oy you can purchase all standard sizes of augers for the production of various types of precast concrete products.

Extruder screws from TDM Engineering Oy

Like other TDM Engineering Oy products, augers have many positive characteristics:

  1. Durability – high-strength cast iron is used for production. Screws are produced by casting and then machined. This makes the screws very strong and capable of handling heavy loads.
  2. Durability – products are designed for long-term active operation.
  3. Large selection of sizes and types of screws for the extruder. Since TDM Engineering extruders are designed for the production of a wide range of products, the manufacturer offers all the necessary types of screws.

On the site you can order all types of screws that are required for the production of floor slabs of different lengths. The site also presents other spare parts and consumables for the extruder: pallets, brushes, vibration pads, shafts, etc.

TDM Engineering consultants will consult and help you choose the right augers. The company also provides services for the maintenance and modernization of its equipment.