Order form for preparing a commercial offer.

Answer the list of questions below by filling in the FIELD “A COMMENT”

    1. What products are planned to be produced?
    2. What is the height and width of the product? if possible, please attach a drawing.
    3. How many products are planned to be produced per shift (8 working hours)?
    4. How is the production currently carried out? Who is the equipment manufacturer? What type of production machine is used?
    5. If available, provide drawings of the section of the beds and the workshop with the layout of the beds.
    6. In case there are beds, specify the length of the tracks or the desired length of the cable.
    7. Is there a plan to purchase new equipment or to modernize the existing one?
    8. In case of a request for new equipment, please provide a drawing of the workshop.
    9. What other equipment besides molding is planned to be:
  • Beds
  • Cleaning of beds
  • Concrete distribution system
  • Tensioning
  • Casting machine (Extruder)
  • Marking (Plotter)
  • Cutting (Cross, angle, longitudinal)
  • Lifting of products
  • Production automation