Magnetic shuttering systems

We have developed a highly flexible magnetic shuttering system to be used with a steel table.

Our shuttering systems consist of several interchangeable parts, which can be combined to produce wall panels, beams and columns with various sizes and thicknesses.

This formwork-system, consist of a formwork-profile with integrated magnetic tension-mechanism, which can be used in different ways solutions in the production of concrete products.

We can create and adapt various systems in any dimensions to meet the requirements of our customers.

Magnetic formwork system is designed to produce flat concrete products of any shape up to 600 mm. Magnetic formwork in the production of the concrete products, significantly reduces installation time and reduces the final cost of production.

1) Steel Table
2) The shuttering plate (steel, wood, polywood)
3) Magnet
4) Adapter
5) A magnet for attaching the flexible board
6) Adapter for flexible board
7) Flexible steel board








insert magnets, Монтажные магниты

 Shuttering magnet systems. Magnetic formwork.

This is a system of shuttering panels fixing to the mold table in the production of the concrete products at the factory. Shuttering system allows producing the following products:

  • slabs,
  • columns,
  • poles,
  • wall panels.

Magnetic formwork, shuttering systems and its performance capabilities

The owners of such systems easily can customize as a magnetic formwork system allows producing concrete products of any shape. The system allows considerably saving time and cost for setting up, maintenance and production performance. Magnetic systems are easy to organize and customize the production of the concrete products in case of necessity to make any changes to the project. In addition, the problem of concrete inserts fixing, blockout and bevel modeling is solved due to the system capabilities.

This new type of magnetic equipment is widely used all over the world due to the excellent magnetic properties and embedded adapter for formwork systems.

Shuttering systems (magnetic formwork) performance:

Magnetic formwork consists of 4 main parts:

  • Mold table
  • Shuttering panel (shield)
  • Magnet (The block with magnet)
  • Fixing adapter
  • Magnet locks of inserts

Mold table

This is a special platform for flat concrete articles production.  The platform can be equipped with a rotation gear and a hydraulic lift device.  Also some mold tables has a vibration sealing system.

Shuttering panel

Shuttering panel (shield) can be of 2 types:

  • Static
  • Flexible

It should be mentioned that two different magnetic blocks are used to fix these two types of shuttering panels. A panel can be made of several material types: steel, aluminum and wood.

Shuttering magnet

The magnet cannot be used separately as it has no an adapter for a shuttering panel fixing.

Adapter for a shuttering panel fixing

The adapters for a shuttering panel fixing are usually used with a magnet and they are an alternative of the magnet blocks. There are different kinds of adapters – for a flexible shuttering panel and for a static one.

Magnet locks of inserts

Magnet locks of inserts allow fixing female metal inserts of electrical function at definite points.


 Advantages of a Magnetic shuttering systems:

  • Size-conscious design.
  • Low weight, however, strong attractive force!
  • Time saving to organize and customize a production process.
  • Cost saving on removal of the form.
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