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Manufacturing of Hollow core slabs with an extruder is one of the important stages in the construction of buildings and structures.

изготовление плит перекрытия экструдером

There are many methods for this, but in this article, we will look at the process of making Hollow core slabs with an extruder without molds. The TDM Engineering Oy extruder is a machine used to create Hollow core slabs. It works on the principle of extruding concrete through holes.

The process of manufacturing floor slabs using an extruder without molds involves several stages:

  1. Concrete preparation – The first step is to prepare the concrete hat will be used to create the floor slabs. For this, cement, water, and aggregate are mixed in certain proportions to obtain the required consistency and strength.
  2. Filling the extruder – Then, the concrete is placed in a separate hopper of the extruder, where it is filled and ready for the extrusion process.
  3. Extruding the mix – When the mix is ready, the extruder begins to extrude it through a hole. This forms a slab with the required width and thickness.
  4. Cutting the slab to the required size – After the slab is created, it needs to be cut to the required size to meet the requirements of the construction design. This is done using a saw.
  5. Curing the slab – The last stage is curing the slab, which can take several hours up to one day, depending on the surrounding environment conditions and the composition of the concrete mix.

Advantages of manufacturing Hollow core slabs with an extruder without molds include:

  1. Time savings and cost reduction – Using an extruder without molds significantly reduces the time it takes to manufacture Hollow core slabs. This is because the process of forming the slab is faster than with traditional molds.
  2. Reduction of waste – When using an extruder without molds, there is no need to use additional materials to create the mold, which reduces the amount of waste and materials used.
  3. Improved product quality – Using an extruder allows for the creation of Hollow core slabs with more precise shape and size, which improves the quality of the final product.

There are many advantages to manufacturing Hollow core slabs with an extruder. One of them is that products created with an extruder have a smoother surface than when using traditional molds.

In conclusion, manufacturing Hollow core slabs with an extruder without molds is an efficient and economical way to create high-quality and durable constructions. With the correct use of an extruder, it is possible to obtain floor slabs that meet all the requirements and standards for building materials.