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TDM Engineering Oy is a Finnish company specializing in the production of equipment for hollow core slab manufacturing.

производство оборудования для плит перекрытия

It is one of the leading manufacturers of such equipment in Europe and has extensive experience in this field. In recent years, TDM Engineering Oy has developed and introduced a new type of equipment for manufacturing hollow core slabs without the use of forms – extruders. This new equipment significantly speeds up the production process, reduces equipment and maintenance costs, and also reduces the likelihood of defects.

The process of manufacturing hollow core slabs using an extruder begins with the preparation of the concrete mixture. The mixture is loaded into a special hopper, from where it is fed into the extruder. In the extruder, the mixture is compressed and extruded. Then a saw moves along the finished slab, dividing it into separate slabs of the required size.

One of the main advantages of the extruder is its high productivity. With this equipment, a large number of hollow core slabs can be produced per hour. This significantly reduces production time and increases efficiency.

In addition, the extruder does not require the use of forms for manufacturing hollow core slabs. This reduces equipment and maintenance costs, as forms are usually expensive and require periodic replacement. Without the use of forms, the likelihood of defects in the product is also reduced, as there is no need for complex operations to install and remove forms.

TDM Engineering Oy also provides high-quality equipment and service to its clients.

Customers can receive professional consultation regarding equipment selection, personnel training, and technical support. Therefore, extruders are an innovative solution for the production of hollow core slabs without the use of forms, which helps to reduce production time, equipment and maintenance costs, and improve product quality. This is an important achievement in the construction industry that helps improve productivity and production process efficiency.

Additionally, extruders have high production flexibility, which allows for the production of hollow core slabs in different shapes and sizes according to customer requirements. This makes extruders a versatile equipment that can be used in various projects.

One example of the application of TDM Engineering Oy’s extruders is in the construction of multi-story buildings. The use of extruders significantly speeds up the production process of hollow core slabs, which in turn reduces the overall building construction time. This helps to reduce construction costs and improve its economic efficiency.

In conclusion, TDM Engineering Oy’s extruders are innovative equipment for producing hollow core slabs without the use of forms. They help to speed up production, reduce equipment and maintenance costs, and improve product quality. TDM Engineering Oy offers professional consultation and service, making their equipment a reliable and efficient tool in the industrial sector.

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