Anchor grips PAUL

Анкерные захваты, anchor grips

PAUL manufactures a wide range of anchor grips for anchoring or jointing of different types of reinforcement, wire or multiple-core steel strands.

Based on the consistently high quality and long service life, a large number of prestressed concrete plants worldwide have been equipped with these anchors.

Structurally, PAUL anchor grips consist of cases and clamping wedges.

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How does the anchor grip work?

The operating principle of this machine is quite simple. The extruder passes the concrete mixture through the compacting group using high-pressure screws. As a result, the concrete is compacted and laid out on the forming track in the required shape.

Maximum forming track: 1,4 - 3,5 m / min depending on the type of slab and the concrete used.

Hopper capacity: Standard 1.5 m3, extension up to 3.0 m3
Power supply: 3P + PE 400 В 50/60 Hz

anchor grip work

Anchor grips

Anchor grips are one of the necessary tools that are used to fix or join of reinforcing material of different types (wire, ropes, etc.). Almost all prestressed reinforced concrete products production plants use anchor grips. They are reusable (the number of uses depends on the tension force, type and hardness of the reinforcing material and the correspondence of anchors grips to the reinforcing material and load). You can order different types of anchor grips from Paul on the web-site Consistently high quality and reliability have made them one of the most high-demand products in the market.

What are anchor grips: design and types

Paul anchor grips meet the highest requirements in terms of cost-effectiveness, safety and practicality when used in an industrial environment in prestressed concrete plants.

This useful and even necessary item has a very simple design. It consists of case and clamping wedges. For the production of the case, the manufacturer uses high-strength low alloy steel tested for cracking. The company guarantees dimensional accuracy, high-wearing features and material yield strength under the severe load. Before release, the case undergoes an ultrasound examination for cracks, and only after that it is stamped and sent for sale.

For the production of anchor wedges, the manufacturer uses galvanized steel that can withstand severe loads. The manufacturer guarantees dimensional accuracy, rigorous heat treatment and strict quality control. All wedges are tested for hardness and shape of the teeth using computer systems, and then sent to automatic assembly. Finished anchor grips are also undergo tension test.

Paul Company offers three models of anchor grips:

  1. Open type. “A”-model. They are the cheapest, most durable and the most commonly used. They are easy to operate and clean and are usually mounted on the load side of the bed. If these grips are used with single wire jacks with hydraulic interlock, retraction losses are reduced to 0. They are also very easy to remove. Grips of open type are often used for reinforced concrete products post-stressing.
  2. Enclosed type. “F”-model. They are usually mounted at the end of the bed, which is not subject to stress. There are grips with bayonet cap and grips with screw-on cap. Compared to open-type grips, they are more convenient because they are put on faster when prestressed and there is no risk of losing the wedges. Patented press-fit case ensures very small retraction losses at the loaded end. But when using them, it is much more difficult to relieve tension on any wire that may have been misplaced or tensioned too much. These grips are also much more difficult to clean.
  3. K”-type Coupling. Their use reduces the loss of steel during pre-stressing. They are suitable for connecting wire of the same or different diameter.

It is very important to observe the safety procedures when using anchor grips. Furthermore, this tool should be carefully cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations after each use. If used correctly, Paul anchors grips will have long service life.

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