Concrete distribution system

to produce hollow core slabs

Адресная подача бетона

Addressable concrete delivery systems are designed to deliver ready-mixed concrete from the concrete batching plant to the casting area. It is designed to work with straight or curved sections of two-rail tracks.

We offer a hopper-type addressable delivery system with electric motors, a transverse gantry or semi-gantry, and a comprehensive control system.

How shuttle for distribution system works

The Shuttle for Concrete distribution system is an automatic transport tool that travels on a rail system to deliver concrete from the mixing plant to the production site.

This concrete delivery system has several advantages over other methods, including increased efficiency, safety, and reduced labor costs. In addition, the shuttle system can improve concrete quality and reduce waste through more precise control of concrete flow.

Адресная подача бетона



Concrete distribution system for precast concrete plant

Concrete distribution system for precast concrete plant is a way to speed up and optimize the production process, which is the goal of every manufacturing facility. This system includes several mechanisms that help deliver ready-mixed concrete quickly from the batching plant to the casting area. The shuttle quickly moves on rails between loading and unloading points and delivers the mixture in a precisely specified dosage.

TDM Engineering, as the manufacturer, offers an efficient and accurate automatic concrete delivery system for precast concrete plants. These systems can be installed not only on straight sections but also on turns, slopes, and points where the shuttle can switch from one rail track to another. These systems can be installed on both new plants and existing production facilities.

What are the benefits of using an automatic concrete delivery system for a precast concrete plant?

The installation of this system will be useful for every plant specializing in the production of various types of reinforced concrete products. The main advantages include:

  • significant reduction in working time;
  • shipment of material in a precisely specified volume; reduction of expenses for maintenance of the production process;
  • reduction of expenses for employees' salaries;
  • improvement of the quality of the finished reinforced concrete product.

TDM Engineering equipment is characterized by strength and durability. Only high-quality materials are used in production, so all structures and mechanisms work for many years without requiring constant attention and maintenance.

Components of Automatic concrete delivery for precast concrete plants

The TDM Engineering system for automatic concrete delivery for precast concrete plants is universal and includes several main elements:

  1. Rail tracks, which can include straight sections, curved sections for turning, inclines, and declines. The tracks can be designed according to the dimensions of the facility to provide the most convenient workflow.
  2. A self-propelled Shuttle, which can be either a bucket or shuttle made of durable steel that is resistant to moisture and concrete. TDM Engineering offers a Shuttle that allows for fast and efficient delivery of the concrete mix to the extruder or intermediate hopper. The Shuttle is moved four polyurethane wheels, and the motor of the self-propelled Shuttle is controlled by an inverter. The rotation speed is adjustable, and the Shuttle volume is 2000/2700/3000 liters of water or 1500/2000/2500 liters of compacted concrete. The connection power is 6 kW for the two-motors model or 12 kW for the four-motors model.
  3. A Control system that enables easy and understandable delivery of concrete to the desired location without any specific training. Additionally, TDM Engineering equipment can be configured to operate in automatic mode.
  4. An Intermediate hopper that is used for temporary storage of the concrete mix halfway between the concrete mixer plant and the unloading location. It helps to reduce the delivery time of the material. TDM Engineering uses durable materials that are resistant to any substances to manufacture such a hopper. The hopper has an engine that opens the bottom gates and a vibrating device that prevents the concrete mix from solidifying. The hopper volume is 2 m3 of compacted concrete or 3.3 m3 of water, and its dimensions are 2.44 x 2.77 x 3 meters. The weight is 1680 kg. The height of the support frame can be adjusted on the track.

Automatic concrete delivery sustem for precast concrete plants is an excellent solution for modern production, enabling better results in less time and maximum relief of workers from heavy labor.